Oceanic SWIV Navcon 2

Oceanic SWIV Navcon 2

Air Filled Gauges

Expandable Shallow depth calibration, designed for sport diving

Large, luminous, quick-read display

MaxDepth needle indicates deepest dive point

The heart of the MaxDepth Console is the 60 meter MaxDepth Gauge. It’s air-filled diaphragm design allows an expanded shallow scale for better readability at sport diving depths while still topping out at a hefty 60 meter maximum depth. A large, luminous display face enhances the readability of the MaxDepth gauge that absorbs light seven times faster and brighter than other glow-in-the-dark materials. Like sports car steering, the rack and pinion movement ensures smooth and precise operation year after year. Like the name implies, the MaxDepth gauge allows reference of the maximum depth after the dive by using a MaxDepth needle that can be easily reset.