Oceanic Uggi Bear Undersuit

Oceanic Uggi Bear Undersuit

OUTER SHELL is a strong but pliable square woven polyester for comfort and strength.

SOFT INNER DOUBLE FLEECE wicks moisture away from the skin whilst offering thermal protection with comfort.

THERMAL INTERPLY of 100gram polyester wadding ensures an overall TOG rating in excess of 2.6.

ZIPPERED TOP CHEST POCKET: For security and ease

NEW CUFF & SHOULDER VENT: Cuff venting added to left sleeve as well as the shoulder to ensure rapid exhausting of air regardless of valve type and positioning.

WRIST CUFFS: in 2mm SCS neoprene cuffs for easy don and comfort

NEW ANKLE DESIGN: Designed to work with the modern drysuit boot. These contoured glideskin 1.5mm ankle sealed cuffs slip down easily inside the boot avoiding rucking of the thermal garment.