Speedo Fastskin Prime Goggle - Red/Blue (10438B086)

Speedo Fastskin Prime Goggle - Red/Blue (10438B086)

Customisable Speedo goggles - each pack contains: 1x lens, 2 x frames, 2 x straps, 2 x buckles, 2 x nose bridges. The result is a possible 16 different goggle colour combinations

IQfit™ goggle - patented 3D goggle seal offers optimum leak resistance and a secure fit without leaving marks

Mirrored lens - reduces brightness and glare. Anti fog coated lens ensures excellent vision and clarity. Ideal for racing and competitions

Patented goggle strap - allows you to quickly achieve a precision fit, every time you swim

Hydroscopic lens - gives 180-degrees of peripheral vision, increasing awareness of surroundings and competitors

Interchangeable nose bridges - for an individual fit