Ransome Tailball Back Pack Attack (4704)

Ransome Tailball Back Pack Attack (4704)

The Back Pack Attack is the ideal portable fun game to play with friends and family at the park, seaside and garden. The rackets, nets and

Tailball are stored in a compact plastic backpack, easy for any child to carry the pack. It is easy to assemble and play.

The Backpack includes:

• All surface backpack base

• Free style stickers to make the case your own

• Straps complete for use as a backpack

• Two plastic checker bats

• One Tailball

• Easy to assesmble net

• Colour: Blue/Grey

Bat weight 150 Grammes

Tailball weight 12 Grammes

Total weight of package 1.3kg

Code 4704

P1 17" x 10.6" x 4.7" (45cm x 27cm x 12cm)

P12 21" x 11.2" x 17.5" (53.5cm x 28.7cm x 44.5cm)