Reydon Smell Well Insert Pouches Ass (SMW1408)

•Sold in 2-packages
•SmellWell are small reusable scent bags that prevent the emergence of bacteria, absorb moisture and spread a lovely scent.
•Can be used, for example, in sports equipment, shoes, bags, cars, offices and wardrobes
•The bags emits a fresh scent, it's the same fresh scent regardless of the colour of the bag
•They neutralise pH balance
•They absorb moisture
•Enough for 3-4 months under normal use. When the effect wears off, the smell also decreases as does the ability to absorb moisture.
•It has undergone extensive REACH testing, which means that the product is free from harmful chemicals and is gentle to the environment
•Length: 10 cm, width: 7 cm, height: 1.5cm